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Miguel Mendonca

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New album out now: Portals

My new album Portals has just been released. It is in some ways a sister album to Into Galactic, and is another cosmic voyage to new worlds, new experiences and new encounters. This album is pure ambient, with no drums. 

You can hear it in full now on bandcamp, and it will hit all streaming services in early December. You can also check out a sampler below. 

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Out now in hardback for the first time! 

Meet the Hybrids


Meet the Hybrids is out now in hardback edition, in time for its sixth anniversary. This bestselling sourcebook on the subject of ET-human hybrids will take you through the worlds of those who identify as hybrids living on Earth. They bring a strongly spiritual dimension to the subject of ET-human interaction, and get into how and why hybrids are created, and what it is to live with a strong sense of mission at this time on this planet. It is a powerful experience that people around the world have benefited from. It is also available in paperback, kindle and audiobook in English, and in paperback in French and Japanese language editions. 








New on Audiobook

We Are the Disclosure - A People's History of the Extraterrestrial Field


We Are the Disclosure is the follow-up to Meet the Hybrids, and goes deeper and wider on the topic of ETs, UFOs and hybrids, and seeks the big picture of what all of this adds up to in terms of purpose and significance. Disclosure features interviews with many of the most important figures in the field for the last 60 years, including Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and some of those we have sadly lost, including Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Clifford Stone and Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The audiobook is beautifully produced by the multitalented Gabrielle Puyat, AKA Gnoia, the producer of the Make/Manifest audiobook. 

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New audiobooks out Now on Amazon and iTunes!

Make/Manifest: A Life in Art and Craft


Being with the Beings - The How and the Why of ET Contact


Being with the Beings is produced by Sean McElhiney, a California-based producer with over 25 years experience in radio broadcasting as a news announcer, talk show host, and jock. He has a warm and relaxing voice, which is perfect for such a complex and challenging subject. He brings the interviews to life wonderfully and I knew immediately that he was the right person for this project. I am very grateful to him for bringing his professionalism and talent to this work. It is so enjoyable to sit back and listen to the stories unfold.



Make/Manifest is produced by Gabrielle Puyat, AKA Gnoia, a singer/songwriter. She was another huge get for my audiobook projects. As an artist herself, she is tuned into the material and brings enthusiasm and insight to her read. And as a singer her voice is fabulously alive as she brings the interviews to our ears. I recommend her songs to anyone who likes their music both chill and deep.  



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I am a writer and musician based in Bristol, England.

My first career was in forestry, horticulture and landscaping. I then studied and worked in the sustainability field for a decade, as an author and campaigner on renewable energy.

  Following that work I began to research a wide range of topics, including ET contact, spirituality, consciousness, cults, wisdom, and art and creativity.

In my work I go directly to the people involved. This gives me the most insightful, multi-dimensional data, and helps me to understand my subjects from the inside.

 My most recent works are Make/Manifest: A Life in Art and Craft (2021) and Wisdom: Now and Always (2020).

      My YouTube channel is:



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