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Out Now! Wisdom: Now and Always 


Now more than ever, humanity is desperately in need of wise thought, word and deed, at all levels. From the individual to the nation state, in our homes and workplaces, in boardrooms and the halls of power, all of us are called at this time to think and behave more wisely. Increasingly, our actions can have repercussions far beyond us, both in space and time.


My response this year has been to bring together 25 writers, teachers, scientists, artists and activists, to reflect on the definition, expression, cultivation and value of wisdom. They share fascinating, moving and illuminating experiences and perspectives which get us all closer to the heart of wisdom, and how we may apply it to live wiser, more engaged and rewarding lives.

I have written a short blog post about the book, and you can order it here. It's available today on Amazon in paperback, kindle and audiobook, and will soon be available on other book sites around the world. The audiobook is also available on iTunes.



I am an Anglo-Azorean writer based in Bristol, England.

My first career was in forestry, horticulture and landscaping.  

I then studied and worked in the sustainability field for a decade, as an author and campaigner on renewable energy.

Following that work I began to research a wide range of esoteric topics, including consciousness, spirituality, ET contact, cults and more.

In my work I take a sociological approach, and go directly to the people involved. This gives me the most insightful, multi-dimensional data, and helps me to understand my subjects from the inside.

In 2020 I published Wisdom: Now and Always, and will publish one more this year.

In addition, Meet the Hybrids has just been issued in a French edition, and it will be published in Japanese by the end of the year.

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