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Over the years I have written a great deal of fiction, mostly novels. My subject matter roves across the thematic landscapes of relationships, spirituality, love and truth. Much of it comes from dreams, or from momentary flashes in which I see some other world, or other aspect of myself, or it may simply be a question about existence. That question might be philosophical or political, it could be about consciousness or sexuality, or about purpose or identity. But the fiction tends to take me into so much research that I end up back in the world of nonfiction. In fact Meet the Hybrids was born of that very dynamic. 

Quick! Act Normal is my only published fiction to date. It was written during the first year of my MS diagnosis, and I was doing a lot of purging and processing. Thus, this collection of short stories, including one novella and one essay on the life and observations of a dominatrix, is fairly unflinching, in a way that my writing could perhaps never be again.

   But the experience was necessary, and people tend to really enjoy these stories. They're honest, fruity and, I'm told, unique. A most common response is: "I had no idea what was coming next—and I love that."

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