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Out Now! Wisdom: Now and Always

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This book may prove to be the most important I could offer the world, at this time or any other. And this is because wisdom is not a single quality, but a collection of the finest, and most practical qualities a human can possess.

In fascinating, illuminating discussions with an extraordinary group of 25 writers, teachers, scientists, artists and activists, they take us into the key experiences and relationships which helped develop their sense of what wisdom is and how each of us can develop it. Representing three generations, they come from 11 countries across five continents, and have traveled to most of the countries of the world between them. They offer us a broad and deep exploration of wisdom, and how it can benefit each of us.

What fascinates me about wisdom is the feeling associated with it. Wisdom is purely of the light, in my experience. It feels good to be around, because it is a fundamentally benevolent, enriching, expanding thing. According to the people I chose to interview, wisdom is not to be confused with intelligence. Sociopaths may be smart, manipulative and successful, but they are not wise. Most people can look at the state of the world, in all its inequality, destructiveness and madness, and see a profound absence of wisdom.

While this does not seek to be another book of solutions to specific ailments of our age, it does perhaps offer a cure-all. Only when we dive deep into the nature of wisdom, and how it can be developed and shared, do we begin to appreciate its value. It has become so rare in politics and economics that most of us live in a cultural wisdom vacuum. But as each of us works on the components of wisdom, which speak to self-knowledge, integrity, compassion, humility, reciprocity and receptiveness, we become more loving towards ourselves and others. And love, ultimately, is the answer. This is not new, but perhaps arriving at the same conclusion through a rigorous examination of wisdom is a useful contribution.

I truly believe that everyone who reads this book will experience improvements in their lives. Wisdom has so many applications, and is an endlessly giving resource. Having spent my entire life in search of wisdom, this book has been the most rewarding research journey of my life, and it is my pleasure and privilege to share it with the world.

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