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My first books were all produced during my time as a researcher and campaigner with the World Future Council, an NGO which focused mainly on policy recommendations around sustainability, human rights and peace. A council of eminent, venerable thinkers and doers from around the world would work with the secretariat on content and strategy, and we had some notable success on renewable energy in my time there. I have recently reconnected with a number of councilors for a new book project. The main covers below are clickable if you want to find a copy on Amazon.

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My first book was possibly the most influential. My boss at the World Future Council, Herbert Girardet, had me produce a study of a dozen highly effective policies on sustainability and other subjects. His knowledge of the effectiveness of the German renewable energy law, which we call a feed-in tariff, led him to suggest I expand that case study into a full book. We then used it as a campaign tool, and got copies to many policymakers and campaigners around the world. It has made an important contribution to the subject.

The effectiveness of the first book in promoting more and better feed-in tariff laws created the need for a second book. I collaborated with two leading policy analysts, Dr David Jacobs and Dr Benjamin Sovacool, and expanded the scope and detail of the subject. This book was designed to be more of a handbook on policy design and campaign work, whereas the first book was more about making the case that feed-in tariffs were the most cost-effective and efficient policy tools for rapid renewable energy deployment.

This title was recently published in a Japanese edition.

This collaboration with Herbert Girardet, and a number of other contributors, was a work of significant scope. We aimed to offer readers a broad understanding of the many sustainability challenges we face, and then equip them with numerous case studies of policy and practice solutions from around the world. 

The book has gone on to be a useful resource for students in particular. We made it available as a free PDF and it has continued to be of use to those developing an understanding of the many interrelated aspects of sustainability.

It is also published in German and Chinese editions.

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