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The Disclosure Trilogy

Over the course of three years, I interviewed 35 people concerning their involvement with various aspects of the UFO/ET phenomenon. I produced three bestselling books in this series. Click on the book covers to find them on Amazon. They are also available worldwide through many online booksellers.

The work began in 2015, when I co-authored a study of the subject of ET-human hybrids with the world-renowned regression therapist Barbara Lamb.

Through her connections in the field, we worked with eight subjects that understand themselves to be part-extraterrestrial. We learned about their journeys of discovery, their methods of hybridization, their contact experiences and their missions.

The book has been highly successful and is out in paperback, kindle and audiobook. It is also available in French and Japanese language editions.

WATD 2021 front cover.png

We Are the Disclosure is a response to the expanded narrative which came out of Meet the Hybrids. I wanted to help bring the subject up to date, and explore it in as much depth and breadth as possible. I interviewed 26 people who have spent a combined total of over 650 years involved in the field in various ways. We discussed the spectrum of phenomena, from the technological and political, to the metaphysical and spiritual. It is among the most comprehensive studies of the subject. It is now available on audiobook.

The final part of the trilogy is another unique contribution. In this work I set out to learn as much as possible about the lives of long-term experiencers. We look in detail at how and why their contact with ETs, interdimensionals and other beings takes place. In working with three channelers, through them I was able to interview the beings they channel. The discussions were fascinating, illuminating and often very funny. It was a fitting way to conclude my study of contact and consciousness phenomena.

Through our partners in Montreal, Editions Ariane, Meet the Hybrids is now available in the French language.  It is available through their website, and via Amazon.


Our partners in Tokyo, Natural Spirit, Co., have now published Meet the Hybrids in Japanese. It is available through their website, Amazon, and most online booksellers. 

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